Hey everybody! It’s almost time for the release of Majora’s Mask 3D, so we put together a sneak peek of what we know about the game so far. Majora’s Mask is a classic game that was first released in the year 2000—and this is the first time that it’s being remade with updated graphics. Check out that preview on YouTube.

Great, awful news for Amiibo collectors. Nintendo may be releasing metallic silver and gold editions of the Mario Amiibo for the upcoming Mario Party 10. It’s not yet confirmed, but they’re definitely releasing a recast Mario for Mario Party 10, so if you’re a collector–get your wallet out. It can only get worse.

Our Indie Game spotlight this week is on I Am Bread–a ridiculously entertaining game where you are a piece of bread trying to get toasted. As bread, you want to avoid the floor and other unsanitary surfaces as you crawl corner by corner to the toaster. Check out Nathan Meunier’s full video review of I Am Bread linked here.

Smart Toys keep getting cooler. Right now we’re excited about Anki Drive, some very cool and very expensive… smart cars. The cars come in a starter pack with a large track that you unroll on your floor. The cars sense where the edges of the track are, while you control their speed, lane changes, and attacks with your smartphone. The starter pack is a pretty expensive $150, but Anki Drive pushes smart toys in a cool direction. With AI commanders to drive the cars, Anki Drive positions itself not just as a racing game, but as a deeper fiction-driven experience. Read more about Anki Drive in our editorial.

Top off the week with some kid-tested app recommendations from our own Nicole Tanner. She showcases the best fun and educational apps that her daughter loves in our new series, Ana’s Apps. The first episode is up on YouTube right now so don’t miss it. Also if you played and loved Revolution 60 on iOS like we did, you have a chance to vote for it to get Greenlit on Steam so that we can get a PC version as well. Check that out at steamcommunity.com.

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