Plants vs. Zombies is a whimsical tower-defense game featuring cartoon plants and zombies. Its sequel is a third-person shooter.

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Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll

Violence: Very cartoony violence, but in PvZ: Garden Warfare, some semi-realistic explosions do occur.

Scary Imagery: Some very little kids might find the zombie characters scary.

Nudity and Costuming: One of the zombie characters shows a plumber’s crack.

Player Interaction: Garden Warfare can be played cooperatively and in multiplayer mode.

Story & Themes

There isn’t much of a continuing story to the Plants vs. Zombies universe. It’s pretty much just…plants. Vs. zombies. The first game (for iOS and Android) is a puzzle/tower-defense game, with each character inhabiting one tile on the “board.” Be sure to look out for the game’s numerous (and humorous) pop-culture references.

The second game, Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time, is very similar in style. This time, however, there is a silly sub-plot involving time-traveling and tacos. The game also includes optional in-app purchases. The third game, Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, is playable on Facebook and allows the player more freedom to roam than the first two games.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (for Xbox 360 and Xbox One) is more complicated still, in that players can choose to play as a single plant or zombie character and then engage with other players in a tower-defense third-person shooter. Otherwise, the concept is basically the same.

In other words…plants. And zombies. Plants vs. zombies.

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