Last week I told you about some nerdy arts and crafts projects you could have fun with in your home. This week it’s time to get professional: I went hunting for some of the best geek-themed Etsy stores, presented below for your enjoyment. There are lots of websites out there with video game merch, but by shopping on Etsy you can support independent artists and get one-of-a-kind handmade crafts!

Whether you’re looking for gifts for family or friends, or just a present for yourself, these shops can give you what you’re looking for!

1) 1UP Gallery

Let them know who you really are. (Source: 1Up Gallery)

Let them know who you really are. (Source: 1Up Gallery)

1UP Gallery sells retro, game-themed goodies, including  wallets handmade from NES controllers (only $20.00!).

1UP’s mastermind Missi Sidwell also makes adorable Nintendo stud earrings (Boo and the Mario Mushroom ones are my faves).

If you love old Nintendo stuff, this is the shop to check out.

2) Pixel Boy

It's too cute. Too cute. (Source: Pixel Boy)

It’s too cute. Too cute. (Source: Pixel Boy)

Pixel Boy is a whole shop of adorable, minimalist Pokemon decals. They’re advertised as decoration for Nintendo DS and 3DS products, but, let’s be real, there are so many things you could put Pokemon on.

The decals are made of vinyl, and you can customize their size and color. Check out the shop and see if your favorite Pokemon is featured!

3) Songbird Beauty Art and Designs

Go ahead, it won't bite. (Source: Songbird Beauty)

Go ahead, it won’t bite. (Source: Songbird Beauty)

In what is possibly one of the best ideas of all time, Lisa C-Miller makes decorating tissue boxes easy, with tissue-box cover designs like the Minecraft Creeper, Mario Coin Boxes, and more.

If that’s not enough to tempt you (it got me), she also makes plush dolls and Perler-beaded figurines and jewelry. And, yes, she has an Ewok plushie. That’s not technically game-themed, but I thought you needed to know.

4) Treno Nights

Subtle yet terrifying. (Source: Treno Nights)

Subtle yet terrifying Chain Chomp earrings. (Source: Treno Nights)

This jewelry shop sells handmade polymer figures from Nintendo games like The Legend of Zelda and Mario, as well as more recent games like Kingdom Hearts. (Expanding out of games, if you’re a Doctor Who or a Miyazaki fan, I would check this shop out).

Hit Treno Nights up if you want quality earrings, necklaces, key chains, rings, and more.

5) Go Follow Rabbits

Where has this been all my life? (Source: GoFollowRabbits)

Where has this been all my life? (Source: GoFollowRabbits)

Ashley Berthiaume sells skirts. No, not just skirts. Really, really great skirts.

Ever since I found this shop I’ve been financially compromised, ogling her handmade skirts with gorgeous patterns that range from the Mario levels pictured, to Van Gogh paintings, to Pac-Man and Harry Potter. If anyone wants to buy me a present, you know where to go.

6) Kelly Jaworski

Stay warm at night, wrapped in Link. (Source: Kelly Jaworski)

Stay warm at night, wrapped in Link. (Source: Kelly Jaworski)

Kelly Jaworski makes gorgeous quilts. Like a lot of Etsy-ers, The Legend of Zelda seems to be a touchstone for her work, but she also has designs based on Pac-Man and the Very Hungry Caterpillar! No matter what you’re into, these quilts are just plain impressive.

7) Woody 6 Switch

Soon to be the fate of all 360 controllers. (Source: Woody 6 Switch)

Soon to be the fate of all 360 controllers. (Source: Woody 6 Switch)

For tech-lovers, Woody turns old game equipment into useful art. He sells controller chargers, ornaments made out of circuit boards, and even desk lamps. Check it out if you want some workable geeky decor!

8) Eternal Elf Creations

Gotta buy them all... (Source: Eternal Elf Creations)

Gotta buy them all… (Source: Eternal Elf Creations)

Eternal Elf Creations sells so much jewelry you’ll make yourself dizzy looking through the choices. My favorites include the Pokemon and Final Fantasy earrings, as well as others made out of roleplaying dice. Her other fandoms include League of Legends, Nintendo (of course), and Kingdom Hearts.

9) Little Shoppe of Pixels

Think of the possibilities. (Source: Little Shop of Pixels)

Think of the possibilities. (Source: Little Shop of Pixels)

It’s no secret that I love Perler beads. It’s also no secret that people on Etsy are way better with Perler beads than I am, and you should pay them money. Little Shoppe of Pixels sells mostly Minecraft-inspired goods for key chains, party favors, and even cupcake toppers. This is where you should be looking next time you plan a Minecraft party.

10) Gracefully Geeky Designs

Finally, one that's safe to touch. (Source: Gracefully Geeky Designs)

Finally, one that’s safe to touch. (Source: Gracefully Geeky Designs)

Gracefully Geeky Designs makes great felt gifts for kids…or youthful adults. From Mario and My Little Pony masks to Pac-Man plushies, this store will heart-warm the heck out of you.

Let us know what your favorite Etsy stores are, below!

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