There comes a time in everyone’s life when you must craft. Maybe it’s a rainy day. Maybe you need some time away from the screen—or your kids do.

You know what you need? You need some awesome, adorable gaming craft projects.


Making Sackboy is one of the most popular gaming craft projects. It also offers tons of future possibilities, because the sack people in LittleBigPlanet have so many cute outfits.

Popular consensus is that Sackboy is a great crochet project. If you’re up for it, you can tackle crocheting Sackboy and then you and your kid can make outfits for him out of paper together.

Who could say no to this face? (Source: Veronica Belmont)

Who could say no to this face? (Source: Veronica Belmont)

Golden Jellybean has a great crocheting tutorial with videos and a written pattern. You can also buy a Sackboy crochet pattern from yvoCrochet on Etsy for five dollars.

Are you a knitter instead? Alan Dart has Sackboy instructions in SimplyKnitting, available right here as a PDF.

But what if you’re not a knitter or crocheter? Break out the papercraft! A LittleBigPlanet fan going by Zelas has made a handy PDF instruction guide for making a paper Sackboy. This could be easier if your kids want to get in on the crafting fun. And the results are no less cute than the knit version—though maybe a little more fragile.

Hug gently! (Source: Zelas)

Hug gently! (Source: Zelas)

Link’s Shield—The Legend of Zelda

Link is one of the most enduring—and endearing—game characters of all time. He’s a great role model for kids. Here are easy shields for kids to make and use in Link roleplay activities.

You won’t believe that these shields are just made out of cardboard and designed to look like wood! The best part about it? These kids designed the whole thing.


Portal Ornaments and Companion Cube

You might not be able to fit through them, but at least they're nice to look at. (Source: GamesRadar)

You might not be able to fit through them, but at least they’re nice to look at. (Source: GamesRadar)

You don’t have to wait for a holiday to start decorating with portals. Cheryll Del Rosario has a great, simple tutorial on GamesRadar that will teach you all about how to turn your home into the next Aperture Science Laboratories.

This is a super easy project—all you’ll need is craft foam, ornamental mirrors, glue, and something to hang the finished ornaments on.

If your tiny portals aren’t enough for you, try out this free printable Companion Cube papercraft project! No glue needed!

It's tiny but powerful. (Source: NickelTier)

It’s tiny but powerful. (Source: NickelTier)

 Angry Birds Everything

The designs from Angry Birds are eye-catching and instantly recognizable. People have made Angry Bird everything, from knitting projects to scarves and t-shirts.

They're so cute. I want 20. (Source: Jinjeet Phoenix)

They’re so cute. I want 20. (Source: Jinjeet Phoenix)

For instant Angry Bird gratification, check out this fun easy idea that uses pompoms to make birds and pigs. Even younger kids will get a kick out of this project, especially when googly eyes come into play.

Another crafty Craftster user has actually made an Angry Birds game… out of milk cartons. I love this idea because it means the fun doesn’t end when the crafting is done. This project will use milk cartons, colorful packing tape, acrylic paint, and a ball.

Take your Angry Birds outside with this cute project. (Source: bld)

Take your Angry Birds outside with this cute project. (Source: bld)

8-Bit Cross-stitch

The awesome thing about 8-bit designs is that anything can be turned into cross-stitch. This gives you loads to games to work with—from vintage Mario to modern-but-retro Fez.

The website Sprite Stitch has a whole wiki of patterns to choose from—as well as instructions on how to make your own patterns. As you might expect, Pinterest is also full of geeky cross-stitch ideas.

Never underestimate Pinterest.

Never underestimate Pinterest.

If you’ve never cross-stitched before, start with something simple (more Angry Birds?) and see where it takes you! Cross-stitching can be a fun way to make art or to decorate pillows and other household objects. Your older kids can join in too!

If you need even more inspiration check out this awesome list of geeky cross-stitch on Inquisitr.

Got any other awesome gaming craft ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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