What’s it like when you get hundreds of kids coding together to make their own games and apps?

Pixelkin found out at CoderDojo’s December 14th Hour of Code event!

For the uninitiated, CoderDojo is a completely volunteer-driven organization that teaches kids the ins and outs of coding. Founded in 2011 by James Whelton and Bill Liao, CoderDojo has grown from a single group in Ireland to 220 groups all over the world. Kids can attend the dojos for free, and the teachers are all dedicated volunteers. Not only do kids get to learn and grow as creative individuals, they are connected with experienced adult mentors with industry experience and connections. As far as extracurricular activities go, this one is a winner.

December 14th was a special day. It was Computer Science Education Week, and kids all over the country were participating in the Hour of Code program—building apps, games, or just learning the basics of JavaScript and Scratch.

The Seattle CoderDojo is a relatively new group—founded by Greg Bulmash in September 2013, it has been growing steadily. The Hour of Code was their biggest event to date—about 70 kids showed up, along with parents and volunteers.

To see the kids in action, check out the video!

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