I’m a Microsoft person. Always have been. I’ve had my problems with Microsoft products, sure, and gotten frustrated at times, but who doesn’t get frustrated with technology? (Apple people? Maybe, but they’re members of a strange cult.) I have an Xbox 360. Right now, I’m playing Tomb Raider and loving it. This quote from a review sums up why: “Transform yourself into gritty, hardened survivor Lara Croft during her ascent from a young woman to relentless fighter armed with only raw instincts and the ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance.” That’s my kind of game. I’ve also enjoyed the Kinect-enabled games on my Xbox, especially Kinect Adventures, which puts you in virtual environments that mimic river runs and roller coasters. You use your body to control your avatar. (And there’s a bonus: it’s pretty good exercise.) Despite all this, I wasn’t sure for a while that I needed an Xbox One. What does it offer that my 360 doesn’t? Maybe not that much? But recently, I’ve been sold by four things:

  1. The Xbox is a great “family box” that will work with my Surface tablet to enhance my home entertainment system. Sean Ong has made a terrific video explaining in detail how you can hook everything together and control all your stuff (your TV, for instance) with your voice. I’ll be watching his video as I set my new system up.
  2. The prices probably aren’t coming down any time soon, and I don’t want to wait a long time. This terrific article by Nick Statt on CNET goes into all the details. As he points out, “we’re seeing two of the most well-received console launches in gaming history.” The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are both good consoles, and both are doing well. That means Microsoft and Sony are not likely to lower their prices any time soon.
  3. The Xbox One is a better machine for me than the PlayStation 4. I’m looking for a good device for family gaming and entertainment, and I think Xbox One is a better choice. (Look here for more details on that.) Besides, my son has a PlayStation 4, so I can check that out over at his place.
  4. I’m excited about the new Xbox games, like Titanfall. Wow, the trailer just looks fantastic. Who wouldn’t want to pilot her own gigantic mech and vanquish her enemies?

I’m also really looking forward to saying “Xbox, turn to CBS,” and having it change the channel for me. I’ll feel almost as powerful as Lara Croft, and I won’t have to worry about losing the remote ever again.

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