Violence is bad, but these weapons are just so awesome we can’t help but get excited about them. Here are some of the most creative weapons we’ve come across in video games.

key blades

Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)

The iconic weapon from the Kingdom Hearts series, the Keyblade comes in hundreds of variations. Not only are the great collector items, their different stats also make it worthwhile to try them all. Not to mention many of them are absolutely beautiful to look at.

Different Keyblades are available for completing different worlds or hitting certain landmarks. Some Keyblades represent particular characters and their struggles.


hidden blade ac

Hidden Blade (Assassin’s Creed)

The hidden blade is the trademark tool of the assassins. Earning the right to wield a hidden blade is a meaningful achievement, and accomplishing the perfect assassination is super-satisfying.

Assassins used to have to cut off their ring finger to use the hidden blade, but fortunately modern Assassins (you know, as of the 13th century) no longer need to lose a finger.



Omnitool (Mass Effect)

The omnitool is a multipurpose three-dimensional holographic tool that has hacking, decryption, communication, and engineering capabilities. It can also become an “omni-blade,” a transparent but diamond-hard blade that can burn through metal, plastic, and even energy barriers. The omnitool is used in both peace and war; it’s about as close as you can get to a universally useful item.


Hook beetle Zelda

Hook Beetle (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)

There are a lot of great weapons in the Zelda series. However, the hook beetle is perhaps the most unique. It sits on your wrist, and when you fire it into the air your perspective changes, giving you the ability to fly through areas that are otherwise out of reach. While flying, it can pick up and drop bombs and briefly stun enemies, which has made it a fun tool for puzzle designers. And it is really fun to fly with the Wiimote.


buster sword

Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

The Buster Sword is a weapon passed down from family to friend and to friend again. Its sentimental value (not to mention its size) is only part of its intrigue, though—the sword can dissassemble into hovering pieces that attack all at once for a mighty blow.


Bioshock plasmids

Plasmids (Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Bioshock Infinite)

Bioshock’s Plasmids are equipped via injection—these weapons become a part of your character’s body. With variations (including Bioshock Infinite’s renamed “vigors”) such as fire, a swarm of bees, an ocean wave, a flock of crows, telekinesis, electricity, and ice, these weapons are terrifyingly powerful even for the player. Originally much less intense, Plasmids were used for mundane tasks like lighting cigarettes, but their users have…let’s just say, enhanced their potential.



Poké Ball (Super Smash Bros.)

Super Smash Bros. takes all the best Nintendo characters, drops them in various memorable Nintendo arenas, and lets you and your friends duke it out in a joyous (and gore-free) melee. So it’s appropriate that one of the special weapons is a Poké Ball (from the hit Nintendo franchise Pokémon). Throw one at your enemies and watch as the mystery Pokémon within emerges to cause havoc… Unless you get Goldeen. Nobody likes Goldeen.


gravity gun

Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (Half-Life)

More simply known as the Gravity Gun, this is the iconic weapon in Half-Life. The Gravity Gun lets you either blast objects out of the way, or pull them into a tractor beam and levitate them. It means the player can use almost anything as a weapon, picking up and blasting heavy objects with ease.

Combined with environmental effects like gas cans that explode, it’s a …blast.


tearaway finger

Fingers (Tearaway)

In Tearaway, you can push your actual fingers into the game world to smush your enemies. Seeing your digitally rendered fingers thrusting through from the rear touchpad of the PS Vita and into the papercraft world is a joy-inducing and fun experience—characters ooh and ahh as you move large objects with ease.

You don’t overuse your fingers as a tool, so every time you do use them it’s special and powerful.


Chell with portal gun

Portal Device (Portal, Portal 2)

Okay, so the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (aka Portal Gun) is not technically a weapon, but it is the coolest thing ever so we put it on the list. The Portal Gun allows the user to shoot portals onto certain kinds of surfaces in order to solve complex puzzles. I would almost not mind being kidnapped by GLaDOS if it meant I could keep the gun.


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