VTech Smart Toy Hack

VTech Is Buying LeapFrog

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If you had a kid in the last 10 or so years, you’re probably familiar with both VTech and LeapFrog. Both of the companies make a variety of educational toys, most of which are electronic in some way. They seemed to be the two major players in that space and in direct competition with each other. No more. VTech is purchasing LeapFrog for about $72 million. Read More

VTech Hack

VTech Comments On The Hack, Number Of Kids Affected Is Now 6 Million

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On Monday we reported that the toy company VTech had been hacked, and that user data for 200,000 kids had been stolen from the company’s servers.

VTech has commented on the incident, with the confirmation that the number of accounts affected is over 10 million, and that 6.3 million of those belong to kids.

The information stored on the servers consisted of usernames, passwords, emails, and location data, along with chat logs and photos sent between parents and kids using VTech’s tablets. The data was all from the Learning Lodge app store customer database, as well as Kid Connect.

Kid Connect is the service that lets parents and kids send messages to each other, from VTech tablets to the parents’ phones through a smartphone app. Read More

VTech Smart Toy Hack

Information Stolen on Over 200,000 Kids in VTech Hack

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 VTech, a maker of kids’ toys like the Kidizoom Smartwatch and InnoTab tablets, was hacked on November 14. It’s been revealed that the hacker was able to access chat logs and photos, which were stored online.

The information stolen includes IP addresses, names, birthdays, information on children’s genders, as well as mailing addresses, email addresses, and passwords. Basically, despite the fact that the hackers weren’t able to get any credit card information, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare.

VTech has almost 5 million customers, and Motherboard writes that over 200,000 children have had their personal information, as well as photos, exposed in the hack. Read More

Top 5 Smart Toys for 2014 Holiday Giving

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What’s a smart toy? It’s a toy that’s made intelligent by electronics—like on-board computer chips, robotics, sensors, or speech recoginition.  Sometimes smart toys are complete unto themselves, and sometimes they work with a computer, pad, or phone. All smart toys are real objects kids can touch and play with. Read More