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Through the Woods Is Terrifying

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Through the Woods is a third-person horror game by Norwegian developer Antagonist, and it made me scream in front of a crowd of people.

Let’s back up. In Through the Woods, you play as a woman whose son has been kidnapped by Old Erik. Old Erik, the woman explains in a voiceover, is basically the bogeyman—a creature in a story used to frighten children. Before Karen’s son was taken, she didn’t think Old Erik existed.

The player comes in as she’s exploring a forested island in the middle of the night, looking for her son. As you explore, she continues to explain what happened in a voiceover to another person, who sounds like either her therapist or a police detective.

It’s a neat way to do exposition, and in scarier parts of the game I kept reminding myself, “Hey, at least she lives, right? This means I’m not gonna die, right? Right?” Read More