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10 Easy Video Games With Great Stories

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Sometimes it can be hard to sit down and commit yourself to a game—especially when the game is hard to play. There are tons of great stories in series like Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed, but they’re bundled with mechanics that make them difficult to access if you don’t often play games. Or even if you do play games a lot but don’t have a thousand hours to devote to completing something.

This is a list of games with great stories that don’t require you to have maximum finger dexterity to play. Most of them are puzzle games, some focus on exploration, and others have gorgeous art and music.

These games are also great examples of the powerful ways that storytelling can be wrapped up in gameplay to create an experience that you can’t recreate in other mediums.

Without further adieu, here are 10 awesome story games that anyone can play. Read More

Broken Age cloud city

Tired of Matching Candy? Try Adventure Games Instead

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Many people who don’t consider themselves gamers have dived right in to puzzle games. Games like Candy Crush Saga, Bejeweled, and Angry Birds are easy to play because they have a very low learning curve. There’s also not a lot of depth to them. If you’re blissfully happy playing puzzle games, that’s great. But if you’re looking for something new to spark your interest, adventure games might be the way to go. Read More

Games Make All Of Us Storytellers

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One of my favorite characters of all time is Varric Tethras, rogue dwarf and expert storyteller from the Dragon Age universe. Depending on who you ask, Varric is a liar and a scoundrel—or the best friend anyone could hope for. He has a heart of gold and a sharp wit, and he talks way too much. For me, the hardest moment in any of the three massive Dragon Age games wasn’t fighting a high dragon or trying to defeat my archenemy or even collecting every single one of those awful shards. It was the moment when I made Varric sad. A video game character! In fact, I had to return to a previous save and do it all over—that story, the story where Varric was heartbroken, wasn’t the one I wanted to tell. Read More

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16 Games You Can Finish In Under 10 Hours

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Most gamers get kind of upset when a game they like is too short. They feel cheated. But there’s nothing that says shorter games are worse games. Most of us lead busy lives. If you’ve got kids and day jobs and spaghetti to make and crayon to wash off the walls…well, let’s just say you may not be looking for the epic, time-consuming experience some titles promise.

Here are some of the best short games out there. And skeptics? They’re not just the best short games—they’re some of the best games, period. Read More