the counting kingdom on Extra Credits EDU

Extra Credits EDU Channel Officially Launched on Steam

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Games can be a huge boon in the classroom—or not. It’s not always easy for teachers to find good games. Even if a game is a good learning tool, teachers may need help and training to deploy the game in the classroom. Today the Extra Credits website announced the official launch of their new curation channel, Extra Credits EDU, on Steam. The channel’s aim is to help teachers unlock the huge educational potential of games in the classroom. (The channel has been in beta testing for a while.) Read More

Games for Change Festival 2015

G4C 2015: Inspiring Start to Games in Learning Conference

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Games for Change (G4C) just wrapped up its first keynote presentation. The three-day conference focuses on games for social change, particularly games in education. The conference brings together people from a variety of different fields, including the social impact sector, government, media, academia, the gaming industry, and more, to exchange ideas and resources in order to…well, change the world through games.

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