Torchlight 3 Coming Oct 13 for PC, XBO, PS4, Later on Switch

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After an interesting development cycle, which led Echtra Games to change the free-to-play, online-only Torchlight Frontiers into Torchlight 3, we’re officially getting a release date.

Torchlight 3 will leave Early Access and launch on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 13, for $39.99. For those clamoring for a Switch version, it’s coming “later this year.”

The hack and slash action-RPG features four unique classes, a customizable, account-based fort, and a procedurally generated world filled with monsters and loot.

Pets have become a trademark of the series, and return in Torchlight 3. Your furry, flying, or scaly friends can store extra loot and even run back to town to sell them, so you don’t have to stop the hacking or the slashing.

Each version of Torchlight 3 will feature a unique Fairy pet at launch:

  • Steam: Violet Glittersprite
  • PlayStation 4: Azure Glittersprite
  • Xbox One: Verdant Glittersprite
  • Switch: Ashen Glittersprite

“The full release of Torchlight 3 wouldn’t have been possible without all of the incredible work from the entire Echtra team and our excellent community of Early Access players,” said Max Schaefer, CEO of Echtra Games and co-founder of the Torchlight series. “We’ve put our heart into this new adventure and it has been awesome getting so much support from players while the game has been in live development. With the significant changes we’ve made throughout Torchlight 3’s journey in Early Access, we have done our best to meaningfully integrate players’ feedback as much as possible into the game as we march toward launch. Next month, we can’t wait to welcome all players to the Frontier!”

Torchlight 3 supports up to four player online co-op as well as offline single player. It has not yet been rated by the ESRB, but previous games in the series were T for Teen.

Pokémon Go Will Finally Connect with Pokémon Home Later this Year

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Since the release of Pokémon Home earlier this year, Pokémon GO trainers have been eagerly waiting news on when the mobile storage app will support Pokémon GO. The Pokémon Company announced that integration between Home and GO will finally arrive later this year.

Pokémon Home is a mobile app that allows you to transfer, trade, and store pokémon. Most importantly, it lets you bring pokémon from other games into Pokémon Sword and Shield – and presumably from Sword and Shield into the next big Pokémon game.

Once Pokémon caught in GO can be transferred to Home, those pokémon could then be transferred into Sword and Shield. But there’s an important catch: Pokémon must be registered in the Pokédex of Sword and Shield, or have already been obtained at least once.

Special pokémon from GO cannot be transferred to Home. We’re assuming this means all the holiday hat-wearing Pikachus you’ve been collecting over the years. Also, once pokémon are transferred to Home they cannot return to GO – it’s a one-way trip!

Transferring any pokémon from GO to Home will grant you two special Mystery Gifts, one in Home and one in GO. The Home gift contains a unique Melmetal. Melmetal is a very rare pokémon who was introduced in Pokémon GO. This version of Melmetal can Gigantamax in Sword and Shield. Melmetal evolves from Meltan, which is in the gift you’ll receive in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon Home is free-to-download with optional paid subscription on Switch and mobile devices.