Six Downloadable PlayStation 4 Games to Play with the Family

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There are dozens upon dozens of games available to download for the PlayStation 4. This includes many digital exclusives that are much cheaper than their disc-based counterparts. We’ve gone through our favorites and picked six downloadable PlayStation 4 games under $20. All of these games are family-appropriate and designed for two or more players. Some let you work together, while others create competitive scenarios that families can enjoy together. Whatever the case, these games will get you playing together in a hurry without huge expense. Read More

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5 Reasons Why You Don’t Like Video Games

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This one is for you non-gamers in the audience, all you readers who came to learn about gaming for the sake of someone else, but who don’t consider video games to be your thing. Reader, I respect the cupcakes out of you, and I applaud your effort to learn about a hobby that you don’t fully understand. Seriously, that’s really awesome of you. Read More