School's Out Summer Sale

School’s Out and Video Game Summer Sales Are In

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Summer is in full swing—and let’s be real, by now you might be getting kind of sick of it. Isn’t it time to send the kids back to school yet? Aren’t their spongey little brains getting soft and useless in this oppressive heat? Haven’t we already been to the beach, like, three times this week. Relax. Just because there’s a little sun doesn’t mean they need to be out in it 24/7.

There are a few video game summer sales, but they don’t all include educational games.

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Pixelkin's Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays are almost here, and one of the most commonly requested gifts for kids of all ages is video games. If you aren’t a gamer yourself, you might be unsure of what to buy. We’ve collected a list of our favorite games released during the entire year and broken them down by ESRB rating to make it easier for you to make smart decisions about your purchases. No matter what your chosen platform or preferred rating is, you’ll find some game recommendations right here. Clicking the Buy buttons in our guide helps to support Pixelkin.

Happy Holidays and happy gaming!