Shovel Knight DLC Specter of Torment Coming in April

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Shovel Knight has been one of the most well-received indie titles from Kickstarter. As part of its crowdfunding campaign, Yacht Club Games has been developing and releasing additional stand-alone campaigns that focus on some of the bosses from the main game. The first such campaign, Plague of Shadows, released last Fall. Coming this Spring we’ll see the second one, titled Specter of Torment.

When Specter of Torment launches, the main Shovel Knight game will become Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, and will see a price increase to $24.99. Treasure Trove will include all the campaigns and updates. The original campaign will be given the new subtitle Shovel of Hope. If you only want to purchase some of the extra campaigns you can get them separately for $9.99 each.

Note that if you already own Shovel Knight, your game will update to become Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove for free (and thus keep acquiring all additional content). If you don’t own Shovel Knight, it’s a good idea to purchase it now before the price increases.

Also coming in April is a new body swap feature that lets you switch the bodies of any of the knight characters (like if you wanted to play a male Shield Knight). Local co-op multiplayer will also arrive as a free update to Shovel Knight’s campaign.

There’s more content coming to Shovel Knight later this year. A third DLC campaign based on King Knight is due out in 2017. A four-player battle mode is also on the horizon.

Shovel Knight is a retro-inspired 2D platformer that strongly evokes some of the best qualities of the 8-bit era. It was originally released in 2014, and is available on every current platform – including the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

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