6 Unique Games To Spark Holiday Spirit

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The chill of winter has settled in once again, which means the holidays are not far off! For a lot of excited young gamers in households across the country, the waning days of December provide a welcome ramp-up to the upcoming thrill of opening presents and enjoying the winter break.

Of course, the holidays can also mean much more, too—a time to visit loved ones and reconnect with family, a time to frolic in the crisp air and new snowfall with pets and pals, and a time to dig into delicious foods and tasty seasonal treats. With that broad range of pleasant festivities in mind, here are six unique games to help get you in the holiday spirit! Read More

Pixelkin's Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays are almost here, and one of the most commonly requested gifts for kids of all ages is video games. If you aren’t a gamer yourself, you might be unsure of what to buy. We’ve collected a list of our favorite games released during the entire year and broken them down by ESRB rating to make it easier for you to make smart decisions about your purchases. No matter what your chosen platform or preferred rating is, you’ll find some game recommendations right here. Clicking the Buy buttons in our guide helps to support Pixelkin.

Happy Holidays and happy gaming!

E3 convention center

It Was Hard to Choose—6 Great Games From E3 2014

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E3 is gaming’s big event of the year. Held in Los Angeles, California, it’s a trade show where many companies make their big announcements and debut the games that will be released over the coming years.

Now, I didn’t get a chance to play everything at E3. Not nearly. But in my hours on the show floor I saw so many excellent games that my head was spinning. In an effort to keep your heads from spinning when all those games come out, here is a hands-on look at what you should keep an eye out for.

Even better—all the games I’m going to talk about here will most likely end up rated E or T, but they have just as much value for adults as for kids.

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