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Playing With Mom Inspired My Love of Games

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Final Fantasy VII is not a game I believe a 6-year-old should be playing. It has a lot of vulgarity, a very complicated story, and adult themes that would go right over a kid’s head. Despite this, it’s a fantastic game with some deep and satisfying combat and amazing bosses. When trying to make the game palatable for a 6-year-old kid, you have to insert a buffer. My mom was that buffer for me. Read More

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The Legend of Zelda Explained

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The Legend of Zelda is a critically acclaimed Nintendo fantasy adventure franchise, spanning over 20 games and a television series. The Zelda universe has a wide and complex mythos, numerous maps, and even a few alternate realities. In 2011, a 274-page book titled “Hyrule Historia” was published, detailing the history of the Zelda universe and its people.
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