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10 Easy Video Games With Great Stories

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Sometimes it can be hard to sit down and commit yourself to a game—especially when the game is hard to play. There are tons of great stories in series like Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed, but they’re bundled with mechanics that make them difficult to access if you don’t often play games. Or even if you do play games a lot but don’t have a thousand hours to devote to completing something.

This is a list of games with great stories that don’t require you to have maximum finger dexterity to play. Most of them are puzzle games, some focus on exploration, and others have gorgeous art and music.

These games are also great examples of the powerful ways that storytelling can be wrapped up in gameplay to create an experience that you can’t recreate in other mediums.

Without further adieu, here are 10 awesome story games that anyone can play. Read More

Monument Valley best app ever awards

7th Best App Ever Awards Announced for iOS

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The winners of the 7th Best App Ever awards for iOS apps were announced today by Rob Rich at Separate awards are given each year for Android apps.

And the big winner is….Monument Valley! Monument Valley has always been one of our favorite games, so we’re not surprised—although it is a little surprising that a puzzle game won the top prize in a contest that covers all apps. (Other winners in this contest included Instagram and Google Maps.) I guess Monument Valley is just that good. Read More