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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Review

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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (E for Everyone) came out for the Nintendo Wii U on November 20. It’s very straightforward in a lot of ways (especially if you’ve played a Mario Tennis game before). One to four players can go head to head in singles or doubles matches against each other or against computer-controlled characters. The rules are more or less the same as the rules of tennis: hit a ball back and forth, keep it inside the lines, and don’t let it bounce more than once. Read More

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Relive The Heyday of the Wii: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash in the eShop

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The rainbow-fueled, ball-smashing fever dream that is Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will be available for download in the Nintendo eShop on November 20.

Mario Tennis supports up to four players as long as you have that many controllers, and it’s available for the Wii U. It seems poised to take the place of Wii Sports Tennis in our lonely hearts. Remember the heady days of parties where everyone played Wii Sports and then you ended the night sweaty and just really tired? We could have that again. Read More

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Nintendo Is Coming to a Mall Near You

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Nintendo is going to be touring 16 malls across the United States to show off a bunch of its games and amiibos to holiday shoppers. They’ll be there from November 23 through December 20. In addition to displaying games, Nintendo will be giving away Toys ‘R’ Us coupons and other freebies. Read More