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New Research Says Action Games Have More Cognitive Benefits Than “Brain Games”

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A recent research report implies that if you’re looking for cognitive benefits, you might want to put down your brain game in favor of a good old-fashioned action video game.

We already know that some kinds of video games can help cognitive function. And in the past few years, games like the Lumosity series have been marketed with the specific goal of making you smarter or improving your memory. But until now, no one has compared these games to other types of video games. In this study, the researchers did just that, and the action game genre won.  Read More

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LeapFrog Releases LeapFrog Epic Tablet, a Tablet Just for Kids

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LeapFrog is releasing a new tablet for kids, called the LeapFrog Epic tablet. Its design is based on the results of a survey: LeapFrog found that 91% of parents with kids ages 3 to 8 say their child uses a mobile device. Furthermore, 64% say their kids use a tablet designed for an adult, while 57% say they use a tablet designed for a kid (presumably some kids use more than one tablet). In addition, 66% of parents said they want a tablet with a child-friendly interface, with 61% asking for something easy for small hands to use. Another 61% were looking for a experience that can be personalized based on their child’s age. Read More