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Before Pokémon GO There Was Ingress

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Pokémon GO has already been a huge success. There’s no denying it. The combination of augmented reality gameplay with a huge and beloved franchise have combined to make a game that’s way more popular than anyone could have predicted. But Pokémon GO might not have been possible if not for a 3-year-old game called Ingress. Ingress was the first game by Niantic, the developers of Pokémon GO. While lacking the name brand recognition of Pokémon, Ingress set the foundation for the technology and certain gameplay features that we’re seeing now. Read More

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5 Games That Will Show You the World

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When I was 16 I went on a road trip with my dad through southern France. I sat in the passenger seat with a huge book of maps in my lap. As we wound through the dusty mountains, I traced routes with my finger—the red lines of large highways surrounded by a spiderweb of small white roads that took us from town to tiny town.

I love reading maps. To this day they remind me of the possibilities of travel.

On a more functional level, being able to use maps and recognize cardinal directions has been a huge benefit for me. When I moved to Seattle my mom got me a city map to hang on my wall. If I had to use my GPS to get somewhere, I would always plot out my route on the map afterwards to cement my understanding of local geography. I rarely get lost, and when I do I can usually improvise my way out of it.

Now there are even newer ways to enjoy traveling and navigating—by using GPS-enabled games in the real world.  Here’s a list of some games that are doing cool stuff with real geography. Many of them use Google Maps technology to add a layer of digital magic to the real world.

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