IndieCade Announces E3 Lineup

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The big console makers have started to add support to the independent game develop community, but IndieCade has been doing it since 2005. The organization creates and hosts festivals where indie game makers can show off their stuff. The IndieCade E3 lineup is double the size it’s been in the past. Here’s the list of games.

Xbox One
Magic Dance Mirror
Developer: Kinect Magic
Platform: Xbox Kinect

Virtual Reality Games
Developer: Otherworld Interactive
Platform: HTC Vive VR

Inner Activity
Developer: IAVR
Platform: VR

Zombies Shall Not Pass
Developer: Wengu Hu
Platform: Leap Motion VR

Fantastic Contraption
Developer: Northway Games and Radial Games
Platform: HTC Vive VR

PC Games
Developer: Finji
Platform: PC

Developer: Brett Taylor Interactive
Platform: PC

Developer: Noio & Licorice
Platform: PC

We Are Chicago
Developer: Culture Shock Games
Platform: PC

Developer: Cyan, Inc
Platform: PC

Developer: Hyacinth Nil
Platform: PC

Plethora Project
Platform: PC

Developer: Malath Abbas, Tom Demajo, Albert Elwin
Platform: PC

1979 Revolution: Black Friday
Developer: iNK Stories
Platform: PC

Mobile Games
Bridgeside Interactive
Platform: iOS for iPad

Table Top
Developer: Cardboard Fortress Games
Platform: Table Top

Pass the Buck: A Game of Corporate Responsibility Management
Developer: Carol Mertz
Platform: Table Top

Developer: #Feminism Collective
Platform: Tabletop   

Interactive Physical Experiences

Beautiful Corner
Developer: Martzi Campos
Platform: Installation

htc vive

Get Your Hands on a Vive in Microsoft Stores

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HTC knows the valuable of hands-on experiences for consumers when they’re deciding to buy something – especially virtual reality headsets. That’s why the company has announced that Vive demos will soon be available in select Microsoft stores. The demos will be coming to more Microsoft stores and GameStop stores in the near future. While you’ll be able to try out the technology, you won’t be able to buy one and take it home immediately. You can place a pre-order for the headset that HTC says will be delivered some time in June. Read More


Valve’s HTC Vive VR Headset Is Blowing Minds at CES

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The HTC Vive Pre has been making a splash at CES all week. It’s the latest dev model of the HTC Vive, which is Valve’s VR headset, and it has some features that you won’t see on the upcoming Oculus Rift.

The Vive Pre will ship with two “Basestations,” which monitor your presence and let you customize your virtual space. The Basestations, along with a camera on the headset, will allow you to move around with more freedom than we’re used to in VR. Two controllers are also included. When you double-click the Home button on the controllers, you can see subtle green outlines of the room you’re in.

A feature called “Chaperone” will add blue outlines to furniture while you’re in VR so that you don’t have to worry about walking into it. Read More