Hearthstone World Championship

Blizzard Announces $1 Million Prize Pool for Hearthstone World Championship

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The 2016 Hearthstone World Championship will have a bigger prize pool this year.  The $1 million pool is a big jump from last year’s pool of $250,000. The final Championship will include four players each from North and South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and possibly China.

The first part of the tournament starts this weekend at the Dreamhack Winter eSports event.

Besides the bigger prize pool, Blizzard has also modified the tournament based on the feedback from players. There will be more local on-site events, which will in turn allow for more local champions. The distribution of points has also been shaken up, creating a more level playing field.

While each season may have its own rules, the Winter Season will use a modified Conquest format with the ability to ban one of the decks. This format is a best of five games. Players must submit four decks from unique classes. Before the match they must inform their opponent of which they class they plan to use. The opponent then has the opportunity to ban one of the decks. Players will then play the traditional Conquest game with their three remaining decks.

The full details of the entire competition can be found on the official Hearthstone blog.