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New Nintendo Direct Will Feature Upcoming 3DS Titles

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Nintendo Direct returns this Thursday for a sneak peek of some upcoming 3DS games. For those unfamiliar, Nintendo Direct is a series of broadcasts started by the late president and CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata. Each broadcast highlights an upcoming Nintendo product and gives fans the chance to see the faces of the people who make their favorite games. Read More

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Nintendo 3DS Sales Reach No. 1 Thanks to Pokémon

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Here’s a startling fact. Nintendo 3DS handhelds are flying off the shelves thanks in large part to Pokémon – and there’s not even a new 3DS Pokémon game out yet! Smartphone app Pokémon GO’s incredible popularity has sparked a massive resurgence in the brand, which has lead to increased sales for both the hardware and older Pokémon games. Read More