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Halo 5 REQ Packs Are Easier To Get Now

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343 Industries announced during an official livestream that Halo 5 players can now earn up to two REQ Packs per day–all you have to do is win a multiplayer match in Arena or Warzone.

The next free update coming to Halo 5 is The Cartographer’s Gift, which was announced during The Game Awards. It will include new Arena and Warzone maps, new REQ Packs, new weapons, and more. You can read more about The Cartographer’s Gift in this official blog post. The update will also include more refined controller settings and options.

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Gaming With the Moms #29: Flappy Mario (with Mike Mika)

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Nicole, Linda, and Simone are joined by game-industry veteran Mike Mika, AKA “Donkey Kong Dad,” head of development at Other Ocean Interactive, creator of the game #IDARB, and the dad of a son, 8, and a daughter, 6. As usual we run down the gaming news and jabber for a while about what we played this week.  Thanks, listeners, we love you! (Please send in questions!)
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Here’s How Multiplayer Ranking Works in Halo 5: Guardians

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Developer 343 Industries has published a lengthy post detailing the rankings and other features of the upcoming Halo 5’s multiplayer mode, called the Arena.

The Arena is team-based multiplayer, where players compete in a variety of game modes and settings.

From the start, players will be assigned a Competitive Skill Rating (CSR) based on their performance in a series of assessment matches. This will determine how matchmaking proceeds in multiplayer. There are seven ranks, each with their own tiers of progression within ranks.  Read More