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Gaming With the Moms Podcast #18: Something Is on Fire

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Nicole, Linda, and Simone are joined this week by funny writer and mom Meredith Bland. She has 7-year-old twins who teach her how to play video games so she can write her regular column for Pixelkin, The Tech-Less Mom.  You can also find her hilarious writing on Pile of Babies, The Football Girl, The Stir, She Knows, Parent Map, and more. We have a lot of fun this week!

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Hidden Family Gaming Gems: Spelunky

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Old wisdom holds that it isn’t the destination that matters, but the journey, and no game better embodies this attitude than Spelunky.

Spelunky is about running, jumping, and exploring your way through a mysterious cavern, taking lots of inspiration from one whip-wielding archaeologist in particular. Most games of the running-jumping ilk are obsessed with forward progression—if you miss a step and plummet to your doom, you find yourself on the edge of the same crevice as before. Joyous daredevil leaps become simple, dull repetition. Read More

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How To Be a Gaming Coach

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I heard a mom say, “There’s nothing better than your kid telling his friends that his mom is a Pokémon master.” It’s pretty common for kids to be proud if their parents are good at gaming. And when I encounter gaming parents online, at a convention, or just out and about, they are usually excited to share what games they’ve been able to teach their kids. Sometimes these are game series that parents have grown up with themselves. Sometimes parents are learning the game along with their kids. Read More

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Why Parents Should Be Playing Games With Kids

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This article originally appeared on LearningWorksForKids.com, a site dedicated to talking about games and technology in relation to “alternative learners,” which includes kids with learning disabilities, dyslexia, autism, and ADHD. We’re excited to have a relationship with LearningWorks For Kids where we will be cross-posting articles and supporting each other in emphasizing the positive aspects of gaming and technology. Read More