Kanto Symphony

Gaming With the Moms #26: Alphabear Intervention

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Nicole, Linda, and Simone are joined by Braxton Burks, a video game music composer. (Yes, he’s that Braxton Burks, the one behind some very popular symphonic music based on tunes from Pokémon Red and Blue games.)  Plus we have gaming news, what we played, and a listener question. Listen up! (And send in those questions, listeners! We love you, and we love your questions!) Read More

The Taken King

Why is Destiny on My PS4 When I Didn’t Buy It?

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When I turned on my PS4 last night I was a little confused to find Destiny sitting there, waiting for download. Did I accidentally buy Destiny in my sleep? Was it a cool technical error that landed me a free game? Turns out, I wasn’t the only one–Destiny: The Taken King was on everybody’s PlayStation 4 dashboards, alongside all our other purchased games. It’s not free, but it’s just a link–basically an ad for the game. And it’s preventable. Read More

King's Fall

Destiny: The Taken King – Raid Guide & Walkthrough for King’s Fall – Part 1, Warpriest

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I recently took my first run at defeating Oryx in Destiny’s new raid, King’s Fall. While my group was defeated by real-life scheduling conflicts, I had a lot of fun taking down the raid’s first boss, the Warpriest. It wasn’t exactly easy, though, since there are plenty of trials to overcome before you even reach him. And when it comes to PvE content, a Guardian’s most potent weapon is no exotic rocket launcher, but knowledge. To that end, I present to you part 1 of Pixelkin’s King’s Fall Raid Guide. (You can see my review of The Taken King expansion here.) Read More