Hidden Family-Gaming Gems: Magicka

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Is your copy of Super Smash Bros getting a bit worn out? Looking for a game to play with the kids that you’ll all enjoy? Well, you’re in luck. From now on, once a month I’ll be recommending games for you to play with family, friends, significant others, and rivals. I’ll be steering clear of the famous family gaming titles like those that come from Nintendo, giving you a taste of lesser known games to consider for quality time with your kids. Read More

choosing a console summer gaming

School’s Out! Summer Gaming Is In

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The start of June marks the beginning of summer break for both kids and parents across the country. Many parents have spent the year regulating gaming time to fit around their kids’ busy schedules. With the open days ahead of us, the possibilities for summer gaming time are endless. As parents, we know it’s important to regulate gaming time but also ensure it’s fun and accessible for our kids. Read More

dark side of video games

The Light and the Dark Side of Video Games

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“Daddy, why don’t you play with me?”

I looked down; my daughter, then 4 years old, had walked up to my computer desk from her coloring table because she knew it would be the only way to get my attention. It took a moment to register her question. It cut deep. I looked back to the game I was playing and felt a pang of guilt. Read More

Ittle Dew funny games

7 Funny Games That Are Funny

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Sometimes life can be really stressful. Whether you’re swamped in school, work, or perhaps your deadline for publishing an article about funny games is coming up, you need outlets for stress.

A lot of people think of games as a way to raise your blood pressure, and that’s not totally untrue. I mean, a competitive round of Peggle 2 with my roommate certainly doesn’t help me sleep at night. But the best medicine for stress is laughter, and I have here a list of games that will bring a smile to your face and light a fire in your heart, or wherever it is that you feel happiness.

Here they are—my favorite funny video games. Read More