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IndieDevKit Goes Live

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A few days ago IndieDevKit, an online resource for self-publishing game developers, went live. According to the founders, Leonie Manshanden and Tim Ponting, the site was created because “…the lack of expert information and transparency on marketing and operations topics pained us. You shouldn’t have to rely on anecdotal information to make critical decisions for your studio or game launch.”  Read More

Does Your Daughter Want to Make Games? Women in Game Development Have Some Advice

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In the past couple of months, the video game industry has been a hostile environment for women. Those who criticize the medium for its flaws and injustices, such as feminist vlogger Anita Sarkeesian, have been intensely harassed and threatened simply for having an opinion. Women working in the industry have not been exempt from the deluge of abuse either. Indie developer Zoe Quinn, for instance, has been on the receiving end of vicious online attacks after her ex-boyfriend posted a verbose blog entry in which he accused Quinn of garnering press for her game Depression Quest by having a relationship with a journalist. Read More

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4 Types of Typing Games That Can Help Your Kid Learn Keyboarding Skills

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When my son was young, he had a learning disability called dysgraphia—a problem that affects handwriting. Students who have dysgraphia can have problems in school. Fortunately, my son learned to type like the wind. Even now he touch-types so fast his fingers are a blur on the keyboard. Fast, accurate typing helped him succeed in school. And video games helped him get good at it.

Typing is all about practice. And one thing video games excel at is keeping kids engaged in a task long enough to practice. As one of my favorite studies says, “Game designers are wizards of engagement. They have mastered the art of [getting people to] …persevere in the face of multiple failures, and celebrate the rare moments of triumph after successfully completing challenging tasks.”

Here are a few games—some are free downloads and some are online PC games—that can help get kids engaged in practicing their typing skills. Read More

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Parents, Play Some Games!

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There’s no question that games are everywhere now. We’ve got game commercials during prime-time TV, about half the people glued to their mobile phones during the morning commute are playing games, and Angry Birds have even invaded our beloved Star Wars. It goes without saying that teens play games. In fact, a 2009 PEW study found that 97% of teens play video games. Amazingly, the same study indicates that 53% of adults of all ages also play games. These adults might be spending more time on Candy Crush than Call of Duty, but they’re still gaming. Read More