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Gaming Safety Tips for Parents and Children

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Video games are a way of life for many families. The positive effects of gaming are too numerous to count. Gaming gives families a chance to play together and enjoy priceless family time. Kids learn critical life skills from gaming, such as problem-solving, creative thinking, cooperation, and persistence. When our family spends time gaming together, it gives us the opportunity to teach our children about failure, and trying again, while celebrating their successes. It shows our children how to cheer each other on, and compete with each other in a fair, kind way. The Journal of Adolescent Research claims video game players have a higher level of family closeness, activity involvement, attachment to school, and positive mental health. Read More

Ninja Pizza Girl demo

The Scariest Enemies in NInja Pizza Girl Are Other Teenagers

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Ninja Pizza Girl is a game inspired by, well, a real life ninja pizza girl. Or at least a pizza girl. The game came about after Jason Stark’s teenage daughter, Alia, started telling him stories about her pizza delivery job.

More interesting, though, is how Alia’s insights came into play when Stark was trying to design the game. He originally came up with an idea for bad-guy robots, which met with some lukewarm reception from his wife and four daughters.

“Robots aren’t scary, Dad.” Read More