Lego spy

Is the government spying on our gaming kids?

An article in the New York Times December 9 detailed programs by U.S. and British spies to infiltrate World of Warcraft, Second Life, and Xbox Live. As a mom who periodically...Read More

Dynasty Warriors

6 History-Based Games You Should Play With Your Kids, Part 2

Click here if you missed part one. Last time, I talked about complex, strategy-oriented video games based on actual history. This time, I’d like to talk about titles that use...Read More

Rome Total War

6 History-Based Games You Should Play With Your Kids, Part 1

It’s no secret that video games have a bad rap as a hobby. The image of the stereotypical gamer is a teen or 20-something male (even though 47% of gamers...Read More

Angry Birds

A Master Teacher Advocates Powerful Games for Powerful Learning

When I started my teaching career 15 years ago, a scenario in which teachers and their students were engaged together playing popular commercial video games sounded like a cool but...Read More

Simone Tearaway selfie

Selfies in Gaming, Too? Yup.

Apparently grownups have finally turned on to something kids have known about for years—the selfie phenomenon. The word “selfie” has even made it into the Oxford online dictionary.Read More

Candy Crush Saga

Daughter Blames 77-Year-Old Mother for Addiction

My addiction is my 77-year-old mother’s fault. I was visiting her at her home in Wickenburg, Arizona, and she was doing the usual: waiting on me hand and foot, watching...Read More

play with kid

5 Reasons You Must Play Video Games With Your Kids

Are you one of those parents who runs screaming from any room where video games are being played? “They’re so loud!” Or do you sneer at games? “They’re violent. They’re...Read More