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Meredith Bland

Mamacon speaker and Pixelkin contributor Meredith Bland

Pixelkin is a resource for parents and families. We decipher the world of gaming so that you can go forth and engage in healthy, happy, and enriching experiences with your loved ones.

We believe that video games have something good to offer to everyone; the key is to find the right games for your kids and find a healthy balance.

Below you’ll find some of our articles and videos for gaming novices. We have thousands of pages of content to explore. Curious about a specific topic? Type it into the search bar above.

Recent Articles


Penny Arcade and ESRB Create Video Series Aimed at Parents

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) has announced a new partnership with gaming webcomic and media empire Penny Arcade to produce a series of PSA-style short videos called Conversations. These...Read More


The Parents’ Guide to Fortnite

Shove over, Minecraft and Pokémon GO, there’s a new gaming phenomenon in town. Over the last year Epic Games’ Battle Royale-style shooter Fortnite has become one of the most popular...Read More

taming gaming

Taming Gaming is a Guidebook for Parents about Healthy Gaming

Newspaper and broadcast journalist Andy Robertson has launched a new book project on crowdfunding publishing site Unbound. The book is called Taming Gaming. It’s designed as a helpful guide for...Read More

New App Parenting Hero Provides Advice and Tips for Parents

Parenting Hero is a new mobile app launching today that aims to provide parenting advice in the form of role-playing hypothetical scenarios. It’s based on the best-selling book, How to...Read More

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