Sophie Weeks

Sophie Weeks

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Sophie Weeks received a Masters degree in English Literature from Mills College in 2006 and completed her PhD in Victorian Literature at Rice University in 2013. Sophie resides in Payson, Arizona with two furry miscreants, who are wanted in multiple states for criminal adorableness. She is the author of Outside the Spotlight, Unsettled Spirits, and The Soured Earth. To connect, visit her website at


This Year Will Be Different: Fitness Games That Don’t Require a Console

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Resolutions. Come January first, a lot of us like to sit down and make them. We call them resolutions, suggesting that resolve—the act of will and commitment—is the single most important factor in meeting our goals. If we could only scrounge up the willpower, then we could easily stop buying expensive coffees, train for a 5K, or banish caffeine from our lives forever. Right? Read More

The Sims gamification

Designing the Game of Life…for Real

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It was spring of 2015, and I was in the final stretch of writing my doctoral dissertation in 19th century literature. I had procrastinated until I could procrastinate no more, and I knew that if I did not finish writing my dissertation, bad things would happen to me. I was stressed and exhausted, and I wanted nothing more than to be done with my subject forever. I had been playing The Sims a lot during the procrastination period, and one day, as I was again pondering the complete impossibility of writing just one more page that day, I thought something that changed the rest of the process for me. “I wish I was a Sim—then I could just make myself do it.” Read More

ever, jane

Ever, Jane Brings Jane Austen Into the Gaming World

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Teenagers often complain about having to read a Jane Austen novel for school. They may be put off by a dry title like Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice. But these novels conceal vivid human drama and biting wit that wouldn’t be out of place on a Comedy Central offering. Soon, rather than telling your son or daughter to just read it already, you might be able to fire up a video game to pique their interest. Read More

Wow Grief

Battling Grief with World of Warcraft

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My stepfather died five years ago after months of terrible suffering that put my mother through the wringer. She suffered from both the physically demanding nursing required while he was still at home and the horrible, futile waiting game as she watched him die in the hospital. I was living in Houston at the time, and I drove to Arizona as soon as the news came. I took my mother home, bought her groceries, cooked for her, listened to her grieve, and held her. But after a week, I had to go back to Texas. My mother was left in a small rural community where she didn’t have any close friends. But despite that, she wasn’t alone. Read More