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Michael Martin is a Seattle-based freelance writer who has far too many pop culture mash-up shirts than he'd care to admit. He writes news and features for IGN, contributes to TechnologyTell's Gaming Channel, and has written for Kill Screen. He's a father of kids ranging from newborn to 19 years old, and they've never needed to worry about not having video games, which might make him a cool dad.

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Learning How to Street Fight

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We live in a time where lots of gamers aspire to play professionally. Just like baseball, basketball, or football players, gamers hope to one day sit on professional gaming’s biggest stages and win world championships. Street Fighter V offers players a fresh start in the series, making it an easier starting point for inexperienced players. Many of these players dream about competing on the Capcom Pro Tour for a shot at its finale, the Capcom Cup, in December. But not everyone has a natural affinity for fighting. So what do players who want to improve do? Get help from the pros. Read More


What Telltale Should (and Shouldn’t) Do with Batman

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A new Batman game wasn’t something I wasn’t expecting to see from Telltale Games. The developer is famous for its new generation of point and click adventure games. Telltale has had quite an impressive run ever since its breakout hit The Walking Dead Season 1, which shook off some of the bad taste left behind by Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. Since then, they’ve beefed up their portfolio with a surprising mix of licensed adventure games thanks to successes like The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: Season Two. Telltale has branched out into the Borderlands, Game of Thrones, and even Minecraft universes. Nothing should surprise anyone when it comes to Telltale Games announcing a new licensed game, but Batman actually was a big surprise. Now we all wonder what Telltale could have in store for the Dark Knight. Read More

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It’s Time for New Female Character Designs in Street Fighter

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The release of Street Fighter V brought hype that comes around once a generation. Capcom got to wipe the slate clean. It gave current fans a fresh start and provided a jump-on point for potential new fans. That means balancing a mix of returning characters with all-new ones to appeal to as many players as possible. Street Fighter V features one of the most diverse launch lineup of characters in the mainline series. But there’s one issue I have with the cast I can’t ignore: the continued over-sexualization of female characters. In this current generation of gaming, it’s awkward, unnecessary, and bordering on gross. Read More

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Street Fighter V Review

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Strip the game down and start fresh has been Capcom’s mantra for Street Fighter V. Capcom wants a game both veterans and new players can enjoy. At its core, Street Fighter V features far simpler fundamental gameplay than its predecessor. Street Fighter V is great in its current form, but it will be even better post-launch as the year rolls on thanks to new content being released over time. It is a game that is easy to learn but hard to master and that concerns me. Read More