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anthony nash

Anthony Nash was born in NY and almost instantly fell in love with all things video games. After trying his hand at development, he found his passion in writing and discussing video games, and has been chasing that dream ever since. You can find him on twitter @_anthonynash.

evolution of a gamer

The Evolution of a Gamer From a Brother’s Perspective

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I can still remember the first time my sister asked me to play games.

On any random night, I could be found in my room playing whatever game had caught my attention. That night, it was Halo. Too busy blowing up aliens and saving the universe, I didn’t notice that my sister had snuck into my room. She was prone to exploring everywhere, as is any young child, but usually knew to not watch when violent games were being played. Despite my warnings, however, she watched, and with that began her ever-growing fascination with video games. Read More