Games Done Quick has hit an impressive milestone during Summer Games Done Quick 2024. The charity organization officially surpassed $50 million raised during an impressive Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Hitless run by Mitchriz.

Games Done Quick has been operating speedrunning marathons several times a year for charity for 14 years. The two primary charities are the Prevent Cancer Foundation (during Awesome Games Done Quick) and Doctors Without Borders (during Summer Games Done Quick).

While the two main marathon events continue to rake in millions, Games Done Quick has been on a slight downward trajectory since just after the 2020 pandemic, peaking in 2022 with over $3 million raised during AGDQ and SGDG.

Summer Games Done Quick 2024 raised over $2.5 million to hit the $50 million total. This year’s SGDQ featured a number of awesome streams that are now available on YouTube. The best stream is easily the one we hyped last week — with streamer JSR’s Shiba Inu Peanut Butter playing Ken Griffey JR. Presents MLB.

I won’t spoil the ending (as some outlets did), but the entire stream is exhilarating.

Other great streams I enjoyed include a dual Hollow Knight run, co-op Sunset Riders featuring dress-up and banjos, and an informative four-player speedrun of Stardew Valley.

And I always enjoy watching Pokémon speedruns. SGDQ 2024 has Pokémon Violet with ThomasPatrickWX, and Pokémon White 2 Challenge Mode by TTS.

Check out all 150 speedrun videos from Summer Games Done Quick 2024 in the YouTube playlist.

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