Paradox Interactive and developer Nimble Giant Entertainment announced the release date for upcoming Star Trek strategy game, Star Trek: Infinite. Star Trek: Infinite will release on October 12 on PC and Mac ($29.99).

Watch the new pre-order trailer above.

Infinite is set several decades before The Next Generation, and stars four primary factions: The United Federation, the Romulan Star Empire, Cardassian Union, and Klingon Empire.

It’s a grand strategy game, meaning it’s a real-time strategy set at the macro level, as you command an entire faction as it grows (or wanes) throughout the ages. And yes, you’ll have a chance to recruit famous characters and captains such as Picard and Janeway.

The artwork and gameplay looks quite similar to Paradox’s 2015 sci-fi strategy game, Stellaris. The store page for Infinite even mentions that the gameplay is built upon Stellaris’ core systems. Though getting on in age, Paradox has supported Stellaris through dozens of free updates and paid content packs and expansions though the years.

Transforming a solid sci-fi strategy game into a well-known IP is a no-brainer, and Star Trek fans are thirsty for a good video game.

Pre-orders for Star Trek: Infinite will receive a Klingon voice line, a special science ship, and new uniform options. A Digital Deluxe Edition includes the usual fare of artbook and soundtrack ($39.99).

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