Paradox Interactive and Paramount have announced a new strategy game based on the iconic Star Trek series. Star Trek Infinite will release this Fall on PC (Windows, Mac).

Developed by Nimble Giant Entertainment (Master of Orion), Star Trek Infinite is a grand strategy game in space, similar to 2016’s Stellaris. From what I can tell, the main hallmark of the genre is real-time strategy, whereas 4X strategy games, such as Civilization, are typically turn-based.

Paradox has become the premiere grand strategy publisher, with ongoing series such as Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, and Victoria, and supported all their games through years of updates and paid DLC (Stellaris is still getting updates and DLC seven years later!).

Infinite is set several decades before Star Trek: The Next Generation. Players control one of four major factions in the galaxy: the United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, or Cardassian Union.

Each faction has distinct quests, stories, traits, and playstyles as players command the entire fleet, engage in diplomacy, manage their economy, and explore unknown quadrants.

In honor of Picard Day (June 16), Paradox unveiled a new gameplay trailer.

“It is an honor to bring one of entertainment’s most iconic properties to life for our players and Star Trek’s multigenerational fanbase,” said Fredrik Wester, CEO, Paradox Interactive. “We know how much this franchise means to fans all over the world, and we are working closely with Nimble Giant and Paramount Consumer Products to create a faithful and fulfilling game that lives up to their expectations.”

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