In our lives the amount of stress seems to be greater than ever, work, world crisis, endless news and so on down the list. Relaxing games can come in handy in many situations. Sometimes you don’t need any challenges, any convoluted stories or complicated mechanics. All you want is to cool your head and relax a bit. These days games on mobile devices are not limited to sci-fi and primitive shooters, because among them, you can find those that help us just relax. We have collected for you the best anti-stress games that instantly switch to a calm wave.

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Monument Valley

If you like to solve unconventional puzzles, then the Monument Valley is literally made for you. This is one of those projects that can give you a transcendent experience. The combination of visuals, puzzles, and soundtrack is at the highest level. Your goal is simply to get from point A to point B. In order to do this, you move the landscape itself until the paths align and your little character is able to reach the goal.


This is a mobile puzzle game built on the contrast between light and dark. Each of the levels in the game is a curious task, in which you have to twist different objects in the frame to get the necessary outlines. Sometimes the very process of choosing the right shadow can have a calming effect on the player, immersing you in this fascinating action.


Those who like puzzles will definitely appreciate Kami – an original puzzle game dedicated to origami. However, here the paper is not folded into specific shapes, but in different patterns. Each puzzle contains several colors, and your task is to leave a single solid block on the field in as few moves as possible. Although the puzzles themselves can sometimes be quite challenging, the animation of how the strips of colored paper are folded and unfolded creates an incomparable sense of serenity. It’s the perfect game for short play sessions, allowing you to recuperate.

Stardew Valley

A list of relaxing games would not be complete without the story of a hero who left city life behind and settled on his own farm. How cool is it to get up every morning and water the crops and take care of the animals? The feeling you get from picking different berries is one of the most positive ones. In a world that seems complicated and messy, having a place where everything is neat is a wonderful relief to the mind and soul.


In this relaxing game for smartphones, you need to plant and take care of a tree, watching as it transforms from a thin shoot into a tree with a wide trunk. The main task is to make sure that the shoot manages to get to the sunlight, for which it must be constantly directed. The game has the whole 48 levels, as well as the relaxing soundtrack and the minimalistic, but nice graphics. Each level must be completed in a certain amount of time, but the number of attempts is not limited.

These mobile games give you the opportunity to simply clear your mind of everything unnecessary and superfluous, as well as to break away from harsh reality for a while. So don’t waste your nerves, download them and stay calm!


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