No Man’s Sky‘s 19th free post-launch content update is called Outlaws. It’s all about pirates, and it’s available now.

Outlaws expands those pesky pirates you occasionally run into while traveling between planets. Now the pirates have become more organized, attacking bases and settlements, and even occupying space stations.

Player travellers can work to thwart these criminals, or join them and become a smuggler. Pirates can be found flying their new iconic starship, the Solar Ship, which feature unique technologies and procedurally generated variants.

Space combat has been given a big upgrade, with new destruction effects, and the ability to battle in a planet’s atmosphere. Roaming pilots can be recruited in your squadron, summoned to aid you at any time. Each pilot can be managed and upgraded to improve their abilities. Players can now own up to nine ships in their fleet.

Pirate-owned outlaw systems include their own procedurally generated bouny missions, which feature high rewards. And because no self-respecting space pirate would go without a snazzy cape, capes and hoods are newly added as outfit options.

The full list of extensive additions and features can be found in the Outlaws 3.85 patch notes.

No Man’s Sky is availalbe on PC (Steam, GoG, Humble), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s coming later this year to Nintendo Switch.

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