Everyone check your calendars. No, it’s not April Fool’s Day. Yet during their E3 showcase, Microsoft unveiled what looked like an exciting new piece of hardware as their big ending tease.

It’s a mini fridge.

An Xbox-branded mini fridge, to be precise, featuring the neon green and matte black Xbox colors, and powered by the “Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture.” It’s releasing this holiday season.

If this all seems like a weird attempt at a joke, you’re partially right. It’s a follow-up to comments made after the Xbox Series X was first revealed, and how its matte rectangular form resembled a refrigerator.

Microsoft ran with the joke, even comparing the console to the size of a fridge last year. Earlier this year, Xbox marketer Aaron Greenberg confirmed they were producing Xbox Series X mini fridges, due to the Xbox brand winning a Twitter poll. Yes, the internet is great and weird, and now we have an Xbox-branded mini fridge heading to stores this holiday season.

Microsoft has not confirmed a price for the mini fridge, but the phrase Xbox and Chill is certainly priceless.

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