Auroch Digital and developers Codebyfire, and Mode 7 have released city building game The Colonists on PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox consoles ($27.29).

In the Colonists, adorable robots that look like Wall-E land on an earth-like planet. The self-replicating robots desire to be human, and do what humans do: expand, exploit, explore, and exterminate!

Harvest resources, refine them into building materials, and create homes, farms, and factories for robots to live, eat, and work. Bots can be assigned to fish, farm, build, transport goods, and explore the world. Advance through multiple eras as you research technology to produce steam trains, ships, and rockets. Play through peaceful worlds free of distraction, or wage war against rival AI colonists.

The relaxing city-builder is inspired by The Settlers and Anno strategy game series.

The Colonists includes a 14-mission campaign mode with separate peace and war scenarios, as well as randomly generated maps, and a freeform sandbox mode.

The console version includes redesigned controls, optimized user interface, and of course adorable robot hats for your misguided robots.

The Colonists is now available on PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox. It’s also available on Steam PC. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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