Nonprofit gaming organization Games for Change has announced a partnership with Epic Games that brings Fortnite and other Epic Games content to middle and high school classrooms, by offering free webinars to educators.

“Educators are continuing to think of creative ways to engage their students, and we are excited to facilitate a series of 19 workshops and ultimately, help prepare students for real-world career opportunities using industry-standard tools,” said Arana Shapiro, Managing Director, Games for Change. “The combination of the Games for Change educator community and the powerful pedagogical tools Epic has created will help to amplify problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity in the classroom.”

Games for Change will offer over a dozen programs among four different categories, aimed at teaching educators how to get the most out of Fortnite and the Unreal Engine, and how to use them as teaching tools.

Workshops include 1-hour webinars that serve as introductions to 3D technology, and how it can apply to different industries like advertising, engineering, architecture, and film, in addition to game development. Other workshops run for several hours, and specifically introduce educators to the tools used in Fortnite Creative, including how to incorporate the building tools into a teaching curriculum.

The first online workshop, Introduction to Interactive 3D for Educators, will run March 22. Registration is available now.

“We are thrilled to support Games for Change as they introduce these exciting new programs into the classroom, further bridging the gap from player to creator,” said Linda Sellheim, Education Lead, Epic Games. “Today’s students need to learn new skills to meet the growing demands of an immersive culture and to benefit from the opportunities that real-time 3D technology is unlocking across a wide range of industries.”

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