Today Capcom released a Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event, providing 20 minutes of gameplay footage, developer discussion, and a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise. The event also revealed that a limited-time demo for Monster Hunter Rise is releasing tonight in North America on the Nintendo eShop.

The new trailer showed an exciting new game mechanic to the Monster Hunter series – Wyvern Riding. It’s only available in single-player arenas, but hunters will be able to temporarily tame, ride, and control monsters while fighting other monsters.

New monsters include Goss Harag, a hulking behemoth that can create ice blades using its own frosty breath. Barioth is a returning monster, a sabre-toothed wyvern with claws that allow it to grip icy surfaces. The eye-less, worm-like Khezu also returns, with its long-neck reach and electric attacks.

Mitzutsune is an aquatic dragon that can form bubbles that slow down approaching hunters. We also got a better look at the powerful boss-monster Magnamalo, a fast, four-legged, armored beast with energy attacks. Other confirmed monsters include Tigrex, Lagombi, and Great Baggi.

The demo will include multiple modes and quests, including a training area that teaches hunters the new Wirebug system for grappling, as well as Wyvern Riding. Two quests are available. Beginners can hunt the Great Izuchi, while more experienced players can tackle the aquatic Mizutsune.

The demo allows for up to 30 quest attempts, shared between both quests. Quests can be played solo, or with local or online multiplayer. The demo is only available until January 30.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on March 26 on Nintendo Switch.

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