Indie developer MinMax Games (Space Pirates and Zombies) have released their golf building sim GolfTopia on Steam Early Access. Watch the new release trailer above.

GolfTopia is a tycoon management sim set in a neon-soaked future. As the manager, players will need to craft their own courses, including holes, tees, and hazards. The land itself can also be manipulated to create natural hazards, dips, hills, and valleys.

Apparently golf courses of the future borrow from mini-golf zaniness, as you’ll also be given access to crazy gadgets like fans, bumpers, and teleporters.

To run a successful course you’ll need to keep your patrons happy. Each course can hold up to 200 persistent golfers, each with over 100 different thoughts and complaints. Happy golfers become prestigious members, granting you more money.

On top of that, you’ll have to keep your course clean and vibrant. Lawn care won’t cut it in the future – angry weeds will invade your course, and it’s going to take some automated laser turrets and worker drones to keep them in check.

And no golf tycoon game would be complete without letting you play your own courses, and level up your golfer.

GolfTopia is out now on Steam Early Access.

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