Parent Zone and AskAboutGames have launched an informative gaming website aimed at parents and guardians. The Family Video Game Database includes details on nearly 600 games, including ESRB ratings, microtransactions, and multiplayer.

Parents can search for a certain game to find a trailer and an easy-to-read overview that avoids inside gaming jargon and explains what value the game could have for kids. The commitment section includes game length, the average gaming session, number of players for multiplayer, online components, and platforms. Costs include any possible microtransactions and online gaming subscriptions.

Accessibility lists options that could assist younger gamers or those with disabilities, as well as any platform-exclusive options. Each game also features a long list of suitable alternatives and similar games.

If you’re looking for something new for your child or teen, the database features 70 curated lists of games organized by theme and age rather than genre. Sample lists include “Free with Xbox Game Pass,” “Commit No Violence,” “Build Personal Resilience” and “Exuberant Games for Pre-16 Year-Olds.”

The Family Video Game Database reached over 70,000 views while in beta, and will continue to receive ongoing support from gaming and parenting experts from Ukie and Parent Zone.

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