After a successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign in 2018, indie adventure game studio Wadjet Eye Games released the first trailer for upcoming vampire RPG Nighthawks. It’s coming Early 2021 to PC.

In Nighthawks you play as a newly reborn vampire. The modern world has recently uncovered vampire society, and surprisingly found them tolerable. While living in the city you’ll meet fully voiced human and vampire characters as you turn a failing nightclub into an empire.

The gameplay includes strategic combat and meaningful choices as you deploy your supernatural gifts to rise above, or submit to baser instincts.

Nighthawks is written by narrative designer Richard Cobbett (Sunless Skies), with art by Ben Chandler (Unavowed). Wadjet Eye Games is one of the best publishers in classic adventure game design, including Shardlight, Unavowed, and the Blackwell series.

Nighthawks is due to launch sometime early next year. Like most vampire fiction, it won’t be for the faint of heart. Content descriptors include violence, adult situations, nudity, and disturbing scenes.

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