In an effort to help support the many people around the world who are self-quarantining and social distancing due to the global pandemic, Asmodee, publisher of major board games like, well, Pandemic, are offering six of their simpler, family-friendly card games as free Print & Play versions.

Print & Play is a board game term for games that can be downloaded and printed out for free on sheets of paper. The quality won’t be quite as good as store-bought (the box version of Combo Color uses erasable boards and markers, for example), but they’re free to download and you can avoid the store (or shipping costs).

“In these difficult times due to the Covid-19 worldwide crisis, we at Asmodee are happy to offer families a way to play together from the comfort and safety of their home” said Stephane Carville, CEO, Asmodee. “We hope that these free ‘Print & Play’ games can offer some measure of relief, adventure and fun for everyone while staying safe at home.”

The following six games are available in Asmodee’s Print & Play program. Note that some of them are available in limited demo formats.

  • Spot It! – Matching card game involving symbols. Ages 6+.
  • Dixit – Guessing and Bluffing game based on cards with various images. Players tell a story and others guess which card image they’re drawing from. Ages 8+.
  • Unlock! – Co-op escape room using cards to search scenes, find clues, and solve puzzles. Uses a free mobile companion app to track clues and monitor time.
  • Timeline Classic – Players need to correctly place cards on a timeline in the correct order, including major historical events and inventions. Ages 8+.
  • Cortex / Braintopia – Compete in eight different brain teasing challenges, including logic tests, mazes, and color puzzles. Ages 8+.
  • Combo Color – Expand your territory by coloring boxes, while also collecting and combining items to score extra points. Ages 8+.

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