Atlus is releasing Persona 5 Royal next week, March 31, for PlayStation 4. It’s basically a remixed and expanded version of Persona 5.

Persona 5 Royal adds two new characters to the game. Kasumi Yoshizawa is an award-winning gymnast who’s transferred to Shujin at the same time as Joker and joins the Phantom Thieves. Takuoto Maruki is a school counselor and becomes a new villain along with a new story thread.

The Royal edition also adds a new Palace, new music, a playable third semester, and official support for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Persona 5 originally launched in 2016. It’s a lengthy RPG that takes place in modern-day Japan as the protagonist Joker is transferred to Shujin Academy. There he discovers supernatural powers, and joins with other students to form the Phantom Thieves to battle the evil that lurks in others’ hearts.

The Persona series has previously received the remix treatment with Persona 4: Golden, which also added new characters and expanded story elements to Persona 4.

The physical Launch Edition of Persona 5 Royal includes a SteelBook case and a code for a Dynamic PlayStation 4 theme. The digital Deluxe Edition ($69.99) includes the Kasumi Costume Bundle, while the Ultimate Edition ($99.99) includes all DLC bundles and additional costume packs.

Persona 5 Royal will launch on March 31. It’s rated M for Mature.

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