PC Building Simulator has greatly benefited from alpha, beta, and Early Access releases on Itch.io and Steam over the last two years. The UK-based indie dev team, The Irregular Corporation, has announced the official 1.0 release on January 29 on Steam.

“After a successful period of Early Access where we saw tremendous support from our community, we are excited to be starting a whole new chapter for the game now our core features are complete” said Stuart Morton, The Irregular Corporation. “By exiting Early Access, we hope to further expand the joy of PC building to as many people as possible.”

PC Building Simulator tasks players with running a PC repair shop as part of the Career mode campaign, as well as a Free Build mode. From a first-person perspective, you’ll install the motherboard, tweak the BIOS settings, and make sure every hardware component is correctly placed and functional. Then test its performance using 3DMark.

The game uses real licensed products from PC brands like AMD, Corsair, and MSI, and aims to teach even complete neophytes about the inner workings of a desktop computer.

The 1.0 release includes new bug fixes, more name brand parts, and Steam achievements. The Irregular Corporation promises to continue updating the game as they’ve been doing since the alpha release in 2017.

PC Building Simulator is currently available for $19.99 on Steam. There have been no mentions of a price change with the 1.0 release.

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